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About Your Hosts

You know what you want when you're on vacation. You want clean, functioning, and efficient lodging. It seems so easy, but delivering just that is the hardest thing we've ever done.

Our background is in software. Since 2000, we've written and deployed software for the vacation rental industry. We're just two married nerds. But you'll understand that we could not turn down the opportunity to use our own software to manage our own rental company down the road from our house in Pigeon Forge. Being from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and Gulf Shores, Alabama, we both grew up in the hospitality industry.

We were unafraid of the challenge. We had met several fine folks who were experts in their respective fields and we knew we could get them to work with us. Wasn't that the secret to Henry Ford's success: Surrounding yourself with geniuses?

A corporation was soon formed and plans laid. That was the birth of Pelican Bay Properties, Inc., doing business as Golfview Vacation Rentals at Golfview Resort in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Now, our journey began renting Pigeon Forge condos and Pigeon Forge cabins. We call them 'cabinettes' because they are definitely cabins-not-in-the-woods.

Pelican Bay is a scenic inlet near Dauphin Island in Lower Alabama. Dauphin Island is just West of the Fort Morgan peninsula which creates the South shore of the Mobile Bay. Before taking on an overnight rental company in Pigeon Forge, we USED to spend a lot of time gazing out over the Mobile Bay. The name of our corporation is a bit of nostalgia relating back to those times when all we did was software support ~ no matter where we were in the world.

From our experience with the 55 or so companies who used our software, let's just say we knew what NOT to do. One thing we did know was that housekeeping and maintenance should be the highest paid people on the property. Over and over, we had seen overnight vacation rental companies ignore their guests' complaints and treat housekeepers as a necessary evil. This would not be our business model. We hand-picked and then trained people who could understand that theirs was the most important job in the company. Yes, we had some turn-over, and some called us 'sticklers', but we had a picture in our minds of what the units should look like after being cleaned, and nothing less would do.

We had the luxury of a cavernous on-site laundry and the added benefit of a full-time person to keep it all in order. You would laugh to have seen us test sleeping on pillows and mattress pads. It became a 'chore'. And, if a pillow or mattress pad passed the sleep test, it would fail the wash and dry (in our big commercial machines) test. Mattress pads that we ALL loved would melt in the dryer. Of course, we finally settled on the right combination. One aspect became obvious during the pillow test, and that is that sleeping pillows are a personal preference. That's why we load two of each type of density, medium, firm and extra firm, on your beds. See? We learned that about you in our testing!

When we took over Bear Run Falls in February 2013 and turned it into Golfview Vacation Rentals, we retained the existing Front Desk personnel. They had used our software system (TCSReservation) since 2006 as Bear Run Falls, and the opportunity to go above and beyond with their service to the guests thrilled them. Empowered, they put themselves in the guests' shoes and to go to great lengths to meet a guest's needs.

It took a bit to get everything in place and hit our stride. Rather than spend money on advertising ~ just yet, we invested in making the units a place where WE would want to spend a week sleeping, eating, and relaxing. We cajoled the unit owners to work with us and the response they had to making their units more hospitable thrilled us.

It's crazy competing for guests in an area like Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and the Smoky Mountains as a whole! Did we say 'crazy'? We meant highway robbery! It seemed to us that building a repeat guest repetoire was a lot less expensive and allowed us all to make a living. After all, our location is second to none and our units are clean and comfortable and we LIVE for an opportunity to make you happy. We don't manage any rentals outside the boundaries of Golfview Resort. This allows our vacation rental world to be small and our focus laser-like when it comes to coddling our guests. Money cannot buy a Word-of-Mouth endorsement which is our most precious advertising source.

We've messed up a few times, and each one of those times we dissected the entire event to find out what happened and how we can do better. Out of these few experiences, we've taken a lesson and rectified the situation. A tiny complaint or misstep upsets us all for days and drives us to search for solutions from the guests' viewpoint. We now have on-site personnel who can respond to issues in 5 minutes, regardless of the time of day. It might be 8 minutes if it's after midnight, because he does have to pull on his pants and put on his shoes and cap before showing up to fix your air conditioner.